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A peaceful escape

I, I am not a politician, but also do not like political slogans, it is a place "anti-nuclear anti-war" still will not give up. Modern looks, any war is located in the root is whatever the economic impasse. The last means of escape military = war industry. However, even the collapse of law and order also occurs at a time of war, the chain of indiscriminate killing will not stop Donimo (final blow is the nucleus) that mankind has experienced enough bad a situation. For example, identify the limits of economic growth, social lubricant and Warikiri money, live give-and-take in the break-even overall. What a peaceful way out What impossible, such as war rather than killing each other, because such is good sober? Grandfather because it was politicians (ministers of war during the war), but that it be unfit for work is not only politicians standing or honor, if not also the resolution that is the burden of the nation are going to know. Also lost because I decided to follow the United States said, was agonizing choice of their own hold the fate of the country It is also once fought with the United States. The person responsible has no time to lose in the moment of decision. On the other hand, an inch ahead is darkness. There is no hesitation that disappears. The politicians and is no exception. Situation, it needs to be checked constantly, what is valuable opinions of different human standpoint. Is not that so, I decided to irresponsibly sense, take the position that all opposition to war by the state. So is primary. Although there are a variety of speculation at stake, remember that was carried out by force as the original will not be national policy. In Japan because of the three non-nuclear principles, nuclear armament, but can not blatantly, but that possession of nuclear aims of the country was anyway. I got on the strategy of the United States in the nucleus that control the world. However, since the Fukushima nuclear accident, nuclear power plant expansion is now severely. Conversion of energy policy is being forced exactly. Primary removal may be a matter of time maybe. However, that the country give up the nuclear industry itself will not. As one of the breakthrough in the economic crisis, because that remains the primary export. If nuclear power plant if the opposite, not only domestic full stop, you should recite exports to foreign opposition. At the same time, you must also explored the way to escape from the war.

Tomoya Ino

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photo by Naoko Sakokawa